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Hytrol e24, 24-volt Motor Driven Roller (MDR) conveyors provide energy savings, reliability, maintenance savings

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When you look at your next live roller conveyor system, it’s smart to look at new advances. Hytrol’s e24 conveyor is one of the most important new product introductions in many years. It’s difficult to understate how this conveyor can enhance operations, but here is a quick summary of the advantages.

e24: what’s it mean to you?

No Air Needed
If your conveyor system doesn’t already need an air system, using e24 eliminates it. No dealing with the installation and maintenance of air compressor systems.
Extended Life
e24 offers a whopping 125,000 hours of design life. That’s a decade of everyday, all-day operation.
Decentralized Drive
The system is simpler and easier to install than conventional drive designs. Smaller drives located across the length of the conveyor line let you change speeds and directions for any particular zone, or series of them. Also, since the drives are decentralized, you can “sleep” inactive zones when the load isn’t being flowed through the system (This is known as sleep mode).
External Motor
Because heat dissipation is much more effective in an external drive, e24 conveyors fail less often and are more reliable. You can specify lower conveyor elevations because of the space gained back by eliminating large internal drives. It’s also much simpler – with a single motor design for all conveyor widths, spare parts stock can be simpler, and at lower levels
2 Mounting Options
Maintenance is easier because the drives are easily reachable compared to conventional motors. Also, your system design can be more flexible and work in more spaces because the mount options allow more types of configurations and layouts.
Brushless, Gearless
e24 is one of the quietest conveyor types in the industry, allowing safer, more ergonomic operations. In addition, this means fewer spare parts – and less maintenance.
High Torque; Low RPM
Just because e24 is quieter  and smaller than conventional live roller systems doesn’t mean it can’t handle the serious loads. It has all the power needed to handle serious loads. It’s more flexible for conveyor designers because large zones can be built with fewer motors.
Variable Speed Adjustment
An e24 conveyor system has more throughput options, meaning you can vary how certain lines, zones, or product types flow. It’s easy to change these flexible speeds with simple control cards. The speed range is greater as well.
Works with EZ Logic®
Allows multiple options for accumulating product.

See e24 Conveyor for more information.

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