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Hytrol E24i™ integrates the E24™ Motor and Card into a Single Unit

Easier to use, a cleaner look, and better protection against common electrical failure sources

Hytrol E24i

Hytrol Conveyors was the first to widely use 24-volt roller motors in its conveyor systems. In fact, Cisco-Eagle helped roll out the product at Pack Expo in 2007, and have strongly advocated it for many of our clients since. E24 resolves issues such as heat dissipation, limited motor life span, lack of sufficient torque, and the inability to use 1-3/8″ rollers, which has significantly limited using motor-driven rollers in what are otherwise excellent applications. Now, Hytrol has further increased e24’s flexibility and usefulness by merging the motor and card into a single unit.

e24 conveyor

Hytrol has announced the E24i™, which integrates the E24™ motor and card into one unit. Its Models 190-E24 and 190-E24EZ will ship with the E24i™ motor on its new conveyor orders (after 1/1/15). (Inclines, declines and transfers will be supplied with the original E24™ motor and card).

The E24i™ gives conveyor users these advantages:

  • It reduces wiring for a cleaner look outside of the channel
  • It makes setting consistent speeds easier with the use of dip switches rather than a tachometer and screwdriver
  • It enhances reliability of card and motor by adding a dedicated motor driver chip to protect against the most common electrical failure sources

E24i™ will works for applications using the low-current setting on the current version of E24™. It will not work with a 3-amp setting.

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