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Video: How to Specify Cantilever Rack

How tall? How many arms? How much weight? We break it down in this Shoptalk video

Cantilever Rack Inquiry

In this Shoptalk video, we go into detail on rack specification and the various factors you will need to understand before installing a rack system. This video goes into detail on arm capacity, load sagging prevention and much more.

download the cantilever rack guide
Evan, an employee-owner since 2016, breaks down the process of designing a rack system for long, heavy or unwieldy loads like pipe, tubing and lumber. You can find his helpful articles on this blog, and sometimes run into him at our various trade shows.

The parameters include:

  • Arm sizes and capacities
  • Column spacing
  • Column height and capacities
  • Accessories and options
  • Installation tips and safety factors

Download our cantilever rack specification guide

You can also download our guide to cantilever racks, which offers a comprehensive dive into various rack types, applications, storage loads and much more. This PDF download also has rack type listings and a detailed specification guide you can print and take with you.

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