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ROI for Warehouse and Manufacturing Automation: A Panel Discussion

December 5, 2023

WERC North Texas 2023 Automation Panel Discussion

Above: James Murphy moderates a panel discussion on automation return-on-investment with Mitch Smith of Hytrol, Nils Hart of Muratec and Bryan Gauger of Cisco-Eagle

Cisco-Eagle’s Bryan Gauger joined Mitch Smith of Hytrol and Nils Hart of Muratec for a Warehousing Education and Research Council panel on automation projects return-on-investment. The discussion revolved around ROI factors ranging from labor to safety. Because labor and money are both tight, justifying capital expenditures is more important than ever. Here are the panel’s thoughts on critical ROI issues:

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Shoptalk: Low Clearance Alarm Bars

July 13, 2021

low clearance alarm bar stopping lift truck

In this installment of Cisco-Eagle’s Shoptalk series, Logan reviews how low clearance bars reduce expensive structural damage by alerting drivers to clearance heights before they enter.

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Video: How to Specify Cantilever Rack

February 12, 2019

In this Shoptalk video, we go into detail on rack specification and the various factors you will need to understand before installing a rack system. This video goes into detail on arm capacity, load sagging prevention and much more.

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A Video Guide to Extendable Conveyors

September 20, 2018

loading tires into a truck trailer with extendable conveyors
Warehouses have always had problems with the point in their material handling system where docks or shipping areas meet the production line. For lack of a better word, these are awkward areas where it’s difficult to handle product in that dead zone between the end of a material handling system and truck trailers.
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Video: Tips for Safer Pallet Rack Operations

February 11, 2015

This short video details some common-sense tactics for safer pallet rack operations. Remember, pallet racks are designed for specific capacities and loads. If you are working on a rack application and aren’t sure of any of your load factors, contact us for assistance today. Also see our related infographic: “Safer Rack Operations”.

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The Fundamentals: High Profile Span-Track Carton Flow Tracks

January 22, 2015

High Profile Span Track Carton Flow

 What is high profile Span-Track?

UNEX’s high profile Span-Track was the first full-width roller track in the industry. Span-Track made its debut in 1992 and revolutionized the carton flow industry. High profile Span-Track increases efficiency by providing better flow, fewer hang-ups, and greater storage density than the alternatives—plastic wheel rails or other carton flow solutions.

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