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Conveyor Safety Guards, Danger Zones and Injury Prevention

June 25, 2019

conveyor and order pickers in a high speed operation
Conveyors that are designed, tested and installed the right way are safe. They don’t cause a disproportionate amount of injuries and reduce ergonomic strains that can cause longer-term musculoskeletal injuries. Like any other machinery, however, conveyors come with hazards. A conveyor can be dangerous if people are allowed to touch certain moving parts. It’s best to always cover and guard those components.

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Keep Pushing: Safety Guidelines For Pushback Rack Systems

June 18, 2019

pallet rack system

Pushback rack systems provide a unique way to gain more space in a crowded warehouse. They store pallet loads on both sides of an aisle at higher cubic densities, approximately 25% to 65% greater than selective racking. What that means is loads can be stored and retrieved from the same aisle, reducing the number of aisles needed. Freed space, that’s the name of the game with pushback rack.

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June Is National Safety Month

June 11, 2019

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Since June is National Safety Month, it’s a good time for a roundup of some of the excellent safety resources available through our website and many others.

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Ways to Prevent Damage in Rack Aisles

June 6, 2019

pallet rack system

Where there are people, forklifts and heavy pallets, there is always the potential for damage. You can walk through just about any warehouse and see dented rack frames, crushed wall sections, damaged pallets and other telltale signs of facility wear and tear. This is why walking around is a great warehouse management technique, but there is more you can do.

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