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Video: Employee Ownership at Cisco-Eagle 2019

December 31, 2019

Cisco-Eagle has been employee-owned since 2000. In this video, our employee-owners discuss what being an ESOP company means to them and how ownership affects their work and financial lives.

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Top 5 Blog Posts Of 2019

December 20, 2019

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With 2019 rounding to a close, we at Cisco-Eagle wanted to pretend to be the Pitchfork of the material handling industry and highlight five of the blog posts we’ve produced that we feel are the best. Our staff discussed, argued and analyzed every one (ok, maybe it was just me and maybe I just took some quick glances), and below we present the winners of the 37th annual Top 5 Blog Posts.

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Tips for Laying Out Your Pallet Rack System for Maximum Efficiency

December 17, 2019

pallet rack system in a warehouse

When you want to organize and optimize warehouse space, pallet racks are one of the best places to start, since racks occupy a large percentage of space in most warehouses. Good layouts let you optimize your facility, pick faster and store more. You can produce more, faster and safer.

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2019 Warehouse/DC Operations Survey Trends

December 12, 2019

warehouse worker

Each year, the Warehouse and Distribution Center Operations Survey asks logistics and warehouse operators about their current business and challenges. The responses showcase trends that companies are coping with. For the 2019 edition, not only did labor concerns again remain the top challenge, but many offered highlights as to how they are dealing with this industry-wide problem.

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Shoptalk: How Does AisleCop Work?

December 10, 2019

AisleCop Explanation

In this installment of Cisco-Eagle’s Shoptalk series, Markus explains how our AisleCop forklift safety system works to prevent dangerous pedestrian-forklift accidents in aisles, blind crossing and other dangerous areas in a facility.

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