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Shoptalk: How Does AisleCop Work?

Learn how the AisleCop safety system helps reduce forklift-pedestrian interactions

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In this installment of Cisco-Eagle’s Shoptalk series, Markus explains how our AisleCop forklift safety system works to prevent dangerous pedestrian-forklift accidents in aisles, blind crossing and other dangerous areas in a facility.

Markus, who has been with Cisco-Eagle’s safety division for over 5 years, designs safety solutions for companies looking to make their operations safer and more productive.

Here, he explains the effectiveness of the AisleCop automated forklift safety gate system:

The AisleCop system works by separating pedestrian traffic from forklift traffic, making it safer for pedestrians to cross high-traffic aisles in a facility.

Employing sensor detection, the AisleCop system determines forklift presence in an intersection and uses two pedestrian gates and two forklift gates to control traffic and allow safe pedestrian crossing. With lights on both the forklift and pedestrian gates, as well as an audible alert, AisleCop provides awareness for all parties using that intersection.

AisleCop also lends itself to being highly configurable, a plus for those facilities with many or unique high-traffic areas. Multiple gates can be synchronized to allow crossing in difficult areas, to protect workers in loading areas, entering warehouses, and much more. This system is great for robotic work cells, shipping dock areas, and more.

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