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Warehousing and the Millennial Worker

February 20, 2020

warehouse workers reviewing a whiteboard plan

As the progression of baby boomer retirees continues–at a blistering pace of 10,000 each day–all industries are feeling the pressure to attract the younger generation. Not only is this need growing, but in terms of keeping up with the faster pace of business, it’s paramount. Warehousing is no different and faces the tough task of keeping millennial (and younger) workforces interested in walking through its doors for the long haul.

Just how do warehouse operators attract qualified hires from the millennial generation? What are some ways not only to bring in these employees–but retain them?

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Cisco-Eagle Engineer Amanda Miller Honored At Women In STEM Conference

February 18, 2020

Amanda Miller with STEM award

During the February 2020  Women In STEM Conference Tulsa courtesy of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance, Cisco-Eagle Design Engineer Amanda Miller was honored for her ongoing engineering achievements.

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Protecting Forklift Loads & Pallets

February 11, 2020

forklift loading pallets in warehouse rack

Companies spend a great deal of time and energy protecting people and assets in their warehousing operations, but one aspect of it that can be difficult is forklift load protection. Once a load is on the forklift, what can you do to reduce the chances of forklifts damaging your product?

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Pallet Rack Design in Food & Beverage Warehousing

February 4, 2020

Frozen chicken storage in a food grade warehouse facility

Food distribution warehouses face unique material handling challenges, due to both their function and regulatory compliance. Whether you’re operating a dry goods, chilled, refrigerated or frozen operation, the standards of sanitation, health compliance and storage efficiency are similar. What can you do to ensure optimized storage and material flow?

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