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Moving Up – Rideable Lift Advantages

June 6, 2024

rideable lift with doors closed

Mezzanines are a tried and true method of increasing space usage in your facility. We’ve all seen a warehouse tap into its vertical cube by adding a mezzanine or pick module solution. The results are increased storage and product movement while gaining more control of unused areas.

Once you’ve got a mezzanine in place, the journey to more efficiency doesn’t end! With an existing mezzanine, you want to consider all avenues of movement when on it or when transporting to it. Enhancing these methods only increases the ROI of your investment, while helping throughput. With this in mind, how your workers access your mezzanine is a prime area for consideration.

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10 Questions: Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor Specification

September 23, 2008

vertical conveyors of several types

A few months ago, we posted a Guide to Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (you might find it useful if you’re looking at any application that moves a load up and down at least one level integrated with a shaft, mezzanine or other area). That guide includes the following questions, should be helpful as you move ahead with your project.

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