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How to Convey Heavy, Fragile Cartons

February 22, 2024

Wine cases on a conveyor line

Beverage handling systems have always been challenging. Cartons of expensive wine and liquor are heavy – and dense. And prone to damage. Sometimes these loads can be perishable and need to move fast through a system from picking to packing. The need to serve both retail and ecommerce customers from the same facility also complicates these design challenges.

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Order Picking, Accuracy and ROI for Industrial Automation

September 5, 2023

order picking line in action, with hand scanner.

You could write a short novel–maybe a long one–about ROI for industrial automation projects.

If you’ve engaged in large-scale distribution or manufacturing automation projects, you probably have a good start on that very thing. ROI is a complicated endeavor with moving parts and shifting priorities. Because investments are always competing with other concepts, it often comes down to this: what’s most important to your company, your business environment and your industry.

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VLMs Vs. Vertical Carousels: Critical Specification Factors

August 8, 2023

Vertical carousels and vertical lift modules—VLMs for shortenhance organization, increase storage density, improve security and speed throughput. They serve components directly to pickers in waist-high ergonomic zones. 

While these systems are similar from a functional standpoint and look similar from the outside, they can have different use cases and application requirements. Kevin, a Cisco-Eagle Dallas account executive, zeroes in on the differences in this video. 

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