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Shoptalk: EDC’s Advanced Order Fulfillment System Upgrade

November 15, 2018

order fulfillment system upgrade

In this installment of our  Shoptalk video series, Amanda reviews how we helped Educational Development Corporation meet high order volumes and increase customer service with a new order fulfillment system in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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A Look at Cisco-Eagle’s 2018 Customer Service Ratings

November 13, 2018

cusotmer satisfaction

We have core beliefs at Cisco-Eagle, and go to lengths to make them more than typical corporate-nonsense. We try to make things easy on you, and want to help make the complex simple when it comes to operating an industrial facility more effectively and safer.

We want to deliver the best service in the business, but we know we aren’t always successful. So we survey and ask how we can improve.

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Shoptalk: Measuring Warehouse Guard Rail for a Perfect Fit

November 6, 2018

How to measure guard rail

In the first installment of Cisco-Eagle’s new video series, Shoptalk, Taylor reviews how to measure Steel King Steel Guard rail for a perfect fit into your space.

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How to Manually Pick Heavy & Bulky Items from Pallet Rack Aisles

November 1, 2018

warehouse worker picking cartons from the floor level of a pallet rack

In many warehouses, the floor level of a rack aisle is used for pallet storage. Those slots are frequently designated for manual each or carton picks. These loads can be most anything, up to heavy dies, compressors, parts or bulk item containers.

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