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Moving, Reusing and Reconfiguring Conveyor Systems

December 11, 2018

Conveyor system merge area
Some conveyors are specifically modular. They’re meant to be moved around, plugged in and reconfigured. But most conveyors are semi-permanent, and occupy space for extended periods of time. When you want to re-use existing conveyors in new roles, move all or part of a system between facilities, or just reconfigure an area using the equipment you already have, you can save money, but there are some things to know to help ensure everything works smoothly.

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Ways to Increase Order Picking Speed

December 4, 2018

order picking shelves in a warehouse
Years ago, direct-to-customer fulfillment was a niche business, dominated by catalog companies. Most distribution was mostly retail-oriented, with pallets of items shipping to store locations rather than to millions of front porches. Sometimes, retail brands would allow customers to order at stores and have their purchases shipped directly to their homes, but it wasn’t nearly as common. Today, speed from placement to shipment has become critical. Let’s dive into some ways you can improve this crucial warehouse metric.

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