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Insights: Automated Systems & Machine Guards, Deep Lane Flow Testing

February 28, 2023

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This month, we’re covering the need to protect workers against increasingly common accidents involving automated machinery, the design of deep lane pallet flow, the “tipping point” for automation and more in the world of manufacturing, distribution and warehousing.

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Mezzanine Monthly – Why Choose A Rack Supported Mezzanine

February 21, 2023

rack supported mezzanine in an order fulfillment operation
Above: Rack supported mezzanine in a warehouse facility. Photo courtesy of Unex.

The typical U.S. distribution center is 31.1 feet tall, according to a survey by Statista.  But when more space is needed for operations, mezzanines can be used to create it. Most facilities aren’t fully using that vertical cube, either. Rather than expanding out, you can expand up.  Vertical storage options have options within as well (whoa, that got deep).

Tall racks are frequently deployed to utilize all if that vertical cube. If you have pallet rack, using part of it in the form of a rack supported mezzanine gains more from your vertical cube is an ideal solution. What could a rack mezzanine do for your facility?

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Comparing AGV Navigation Methods

February 16, 2023

AGVs in a variety of configurations - unit style, driverless forklift.

The type of AGV and the way it navigates are two huge considerations in any automated material transport project. Vehicle type dictates functionality, interface and payload factors, but navigation is critical to overall performance. After all, AGVs travel; that’s their primary role. The way they do wind their way through rack aisles, across dock areas, near work cells, around conveyors and throughout the warehouse can make or break a project. The options range from simple methods like tape guidance to highly-automated laser and contour systems.

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Cisco-Eagle Receives Premier Dealership Award From Nashville Wire

February 7, 2023

Cisco-Eagle accepting 2022 premier dealer award from Nashville Wire
Pictured: Cisco-Eagle VP of Sales James Murphy accepting the premier dealership award

Last month Cisco-Eagle was presented with the 2022 Premier Dealer award from Nashville Wire, recognizing outstanding performance. We are proud to accept this award from an important partner and look forward to more success in the future.
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Vertical Package Transport: Incline Conveyors vs. Reciprocating Lifts vs. Spiral Conveyors

February 2, 2023

vertical spiral conveyors vs. automated package lifts

High-velocity order picking operations frequently need to transport cartons vertically–on and off mezzanines or pick modules, into workstations, onto work platforms, over traffic aisles or to merge with overhead conveyor lines. You can accomplish this with incline conveyors, vertical package lifts, spiral conveyors, automated package lifts and manual methods. Each method has its limitations and its advantages.

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