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Damaged Pallet Rack: Repair or Replace?

May 11, 2023

Warehouse managers surveying racks for damage and procedure.

Whether you replace or repair pallet rack, it’s always advisable to evaluate the structural integrity and safety of damaged rack components. When you’re considering a repair strategy, you should be aware of the strength and limitations of your options.

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The Right Caster Can Be a Game Changer

May 4, 2023

Casters in an industrial facility

Casters need a moment! They know you don’t think about them in the grand scheme of a facility’s operations. They know they’re overlooked most of the time….until they’re not for all the wrong reasons.

But, if you take some time to get to the ground level of things, you can see that casters keep your warehouse moving forward. Yes, the task they carry out is a simple one (at least from our perspective), but only if you outfit your operations with the right caster solutions. You don’t want reoccurring problems with your casters, either.

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Options for Pallet Rack Floor-Level Storage Versatility

May 2, 2023


Change is inevitable, particularly in warehousing, manufacturing and distribution. Many warehouses will shift storage area missions over time. New SKUs, more inventory, and different business and operational missions can create the need for newer storage concepts. The problem? There isn’t always a place for new demands. When this occurs, one thing to consider is using the floor or lower levels of your rack system.

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April Roundup for Manufacturing & Distribution

April 27, 2023

Morning coffee with Cisco-Eagle photo
This month, we dive into supply chain and the ongoing impact of labor shortages in the sector from Supply Chain Executive. If you’re interested in evaluating your warehouse, WERC has a program we cover, as well as a dive into American industrial output in early 2023.

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Mezzanine Monthly – Why Choose A Shelf Supported Mezzanine

April 18, 2023

shelf supported mezzanine in an order fulfillment operation
Above: Shelf supported mezzanine in a warehouse facility.

Not all warehouse shelving (or storage) options work for every facility. One operation’s pallet rack solution might not be ideal for a warehouse that wants to not only grow vertically but offer more picking options for items they’re selling and shipping. When you need high density storage, what mezzanine option fits best?  Shelf supported mezzanines checks a lot of boxes.

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Targeted Warehouse Automation: Manual Pallet Handling

April 13, 2023

stacking and wrapping pallets with manual processes
While many companies can benefit from full scale automation, the math isn’t the same for everyone. However, labor shortages continue to drive companies to seek ways to reduce dependence on manual processes in specific, labor-intensive functions. What are some areas you should target for partial automation?

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Joy Hunsigner is Cisco-Eagle’s 2022-2023 Employee-Owner of the Year

April 11, 2023

Presentation of the Cisco-Eagle Employee-Owner of the Year Award in Dallas, TRX

Above, left to right: Cisco-Eagle President Bryan Gauger, Employee-Owner of the Year Joy Hunsinger and CEO Darein Gandall

The employee-owners of Cisco-Eagle named Joy Hunsinger as our company’s 2022-2023 Employee-Owner of the Year.

The award is unique because it’s bestowed by a team of employees, the ESOP Advisory Committee after a round of companywide nominations. A committee of peers—fellow employee-owners—chooses the employee of the year.

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Nichole Wheeler Named Cisco-Eagle Chief Financial Officer

April 4, 2023

Cisco-Eagle CFO Nichole Wheeler

Effective April 1, 2023, Nichole Wheeler has been named Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Cisco-Eagle according to President Bryan Gauger.

In her new role, Wheeler will lead the company’s financial and accounting teams and serve as a key member of its senior leadership team.

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March Roundup: Manufacturing Employment Survey

March 28, 2023

morning coffee with Cisco-Eagle

Welcome to our March 2023 roundup of news from the warehousing, manufacturing, material handling and logistics world. Employment trends, certifications and technology are the focus this month.

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Shoptalk: EDC Pick Module Expansion

March 14, 2023

In our latest Shoptalk installment, employee-owner Amanda of our Systems Integration Group discusses how EDC upgraded and expanded its pick module operations.

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