The Top Causes of Inventory Inaccuracy

October 31, 2017

Stock counting in a warehouse

Inventory issues cut to the core of any warehousing or order fulfillment operation. When your processes are set up right, you’ll have more accurate inventory. Experts estimate that every .5% of inventory inaccuracy costs the equivalent of a full time employee in these various types of waste. The time it takes to track down, repair, correct, and re-do may make this a low estimate, depending on the situation.

What are some of the root causes of inaccurate inventory?

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Flow Storage and Inventory Slotting

October 26, 2017

carton flow loads in a distribution center

What’s the optimal storage concept for your operation?

The ideal storage equipment for a given product can vary based on load, picking method, throughput, shipping issues and many other factors. Usually it involves a blend of shelving, racks, cabinets, and other means of organizing product in a given footprint. One of the questions that comes to mind is the line where a product or group of them is best slotted into shelving and bins, or if that product is best suited for carton flow solutions. Let’s examine the factors.

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Q&A: Sospes Health & Safety Management Software

October 24, 2017

safety reporting software in a warehouse

Sospes  EH&S management helps drive effectiveness into your company’s safety operations. Seamlessly manage injury reporting & incident reporting, assign and complete safety inspections, and leverage on-board analytics. It allows your people to quickly and easily submit reports of close calls or safety incidents. Its unique inspection module allows companies to digitize inspections (of equipment, conveyor for instance), processes or other issues.

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The Best 3PLs are Invisible to Customers

October 6, 2017

warehouse manager making notes

Logistics pros are a lot like the offensive line on a football team: at their best, you know they are doing a great job, but their numbers never get called by television announcers. When they do talk line, it’s usually because someone committed a penalty or allowed a blitzing safety in for a sack. When the quarterback isn’t pressured and there are great running lanes, the line rarely gets mentioned. It’s kind of the same for 3PLs.

The goal of your 3PL should be to avoid those issues and remain unseen and unremarked on by end users.

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