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Can You Outrun Warehouse & Factory Safety Phantom?

October 31, 2018

the shape in the warehouse

You try to run away as fast as you can, aware of the scary apparition chasing you with each breath. You turn to look back, and stumble onto the ground. Paralyzed with fear, you watch as the shape moves closer and closer. Suddenly up close, you can see that there was no way you could escape, as safety issues could not be stopped.

Blumhouse horror movie? Not really. Warehouses can be dangerous places to work in. It is important to understand common warehouse dangers and hazards because they can cause injuries and in extreme cases death, haunting your warehouse for years to come. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an average of 16 fatalities every year in the US warehousing and storage sector and a reported injury and illness rate of 5 out of every 100 warehouse and storage workers. With these ghastly statistics in mind, we review some of the most common warehouse safety bogeymen and offer tips and resources to help you avoid their terror.

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How to Convey Poly Bags & Envelopes

October 18, 2018

poly bag package

The shift from traditional retail to ecommerce is accelerating, and with that growth there are both challenges and opportunities for order fulfillment operations. Companies that spent decades perfecting retail distribution (large, bulk orders to a network of stores) are shifting toward direct-to-consumer shipments that are orders of magnitude more difficult to manage.

Among other things, this means that ecommerce companies must focus on optimal packaging. At Modex 2018, an industry expert panel including Hytrol’s Boyce Bonham discussed these issues.

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How to Measure Conveyors

October 9, 2018

top of roller dimensions for conveyors
This is part three of our guide to measuring material handling equipment. When you want to lay out a conveyor, there are methods to measurement that can ensure the equipment fits where you need it to, interfaces with machinery, matches work station heights, and other critical measures.

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A Step-by-Step Safety Process for Forklifts and Pedestrians

October 2, 2018

forklifts and pedestrians near a dock door

When it comes to protecting pedestrians from forklift accidents, focus on processes—the ways you segment, train, manage and work on a daily basis. Preventable accidents happen when a process is absent. When it comes to forklifts and pedestrians, accidents are far too common and frequently serious.

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