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How to Deal with Pallet Flow Jams

May 23, 2019

deep lane pallet flow system

Pallet flow racks are the ultimate in high-density, space-saving storage. When you need to concentrate storage of similar SKUs into a tight space, flow systems are ideal. A single SKU can be loaded into the back of the system and stored multiple pallets deep in a pick position, first-in, first-out order. Like any gravity flow equipment, there is a possibility of jams, and those jams can sometimes be in the center of a packed rack system — and difficult to reach. What are some safe methods to deal with this problem?

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Serving our Customers Means Serving Our Communities

May 16, 2019

Oklahoma City Office
One of our core values at Cisco-Eagle is our commitment to our communities. This year, each of our offices chose a volunteer activity to participate in and took time during the workday to help those in need in our hometowns. Volunteerism and community service are built into our strategic plan, and our employee-owners are encouraged to take paid time off for community service.

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What to Do When You Can’t Air Condition Your Warehouse

May 14, 2019

hot warehouse with sunlight

If you run a warehouse, you’re keenly aware of how hot and uncomfortable it can get on a scorching July afternoon—and you also know how much that affects your workforce, their comfort, their error rates and their ability to get things done. Installing air conditioning may not be feasible for every industrial facility, but there are alternatives.

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Carousels & Ecommerce: Feel It Coming Back Again

May 8, 2019

Vertical Carousels
Once an afterthought in the warehouse, vertical carousels are being reborn in the omnichannel age as a fulfillment finish line product. Retailers are eyeing carousels to help them aid in customer retrieval of picked orders shipped to a retail location, which is giving the carousel a “moment” as a new last-mile darling. Whether located in the back of the store for employees to use, or at the front for customers to pick up themselves, vertical carousels are showing to be a good fit for this new age of sales. But don’t sleep on their value in industrial settings or distribution channels.

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Conveyors in Difficult Environments

May 2, 2019

Conveyor in a dusty manufacturing area
Conveyors are essential for manufacturing operations, but in some areas where they are exposed to dust, airborne debris, moisture or chemicals, there may be issues with their mechanical components. These environmental factors impact performance, equipment lifespan, maintenance burdens and safety, but can be dealt with if the conveyor is properly designed, used and maintained. Let’s dive into these issues.

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