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How Will Covid-19 Change Distribution?

March 24, 2020

packing and scanning area in a distribution facility
We don’t know what the next month holds, much less the rest of 2020 and beyond when it comes to Covid-19, but we know changes are coming. However, several things are known in the current situation.

  1. The supply chain must function. Food and medical chains are the priority, but all types of other products must still reach Americans.
  2. This work can’t be done remotely. People must staff warehouses and factories.
  3. Like other facilities, the warehouse requires social distance to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and make their workers safe.
  4. The supply chain must be safe for its workers and its consumers.

We’ve put together some ideas that may help you as the situation evolves.

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Robots and a Safe Environment

March 19, 2020

robot worker with safety paneling

In this new age of warehouse or facility labor shortage, more and more companies are turning to automation and robotics to help fill in the gap and increase productivity as well. With e-commerce showing no signs of slowing and innovative supply chains being rewarded, you can bet that companies embracing this new dawn are showing better ROI and efficiency. One aspect of adopting robotic help for your warehouse to review is that of safety. While the overall safe environment you provide to your operations is crucial, when adding robotics or automation to the mix it requires a new set of ideas and priorities to ensure your workers and ‘bots can coexist.

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5 Pallet Rack Accessories that Make Your Racks Safer and More Efficient

March 17, 2020

warehouse rack and worker in aisle
How can you turn part of your rack into a different type of storage? What kinds of safety equipment can you install to prevent damage, maintain flue space or eliminate falling items? Let’s take a look at some options.

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When to Transport Loads with Overhead Conveyor Systems

March 10, 2020

overhead conveyor transporting empty boxes

Overhead conveyors are an efficient way to transport products on an assembly line or in a distribution facility. For the right load in the right situation, they’re the most economical and efficient way to convey products. What are some of the characteristics of a good overhead load?

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How to Conduct a Warehouse Audit

March 3, 2020

warehouse being audited by a manager
Warehouse managers are always interested in ways to optimize and measure their success. Usually these discussions revolve around measuring outcomes–pick rates, errors, ship rates, damage, etc. In any walk of life, it’s good to take some time to reflect on the overall state of your work, and that’s what a warehouse audit should do.

Let’s dive into some things you should measure and how you should get started.

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