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Behind That Locked Door – Locker Cleanliness

September 24, 2020

industrial lockers in warehouse

As our new normal in the age of Covid-19 marches on, each facility is faced with balancing the ever-growing demand for products/services and keeping workers safe. Your environment must be clean and protect your employees every day to ensure not only the health and wellness of your workforce, but also an efficient and productive operation. New practices should be implemented to fight against this invisible enemy, whether it’s distancing or disinfecting.

With the continued easing of restrictions on how many people each facility may have on hand, you want to have a program in place that tackles all facets of employee safety. One area to target has one of the highest traffic rates and potential for infection–facility lockers.

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Plastic Chain Conveyor Applications

September 22, 2020

plastic chain conveyor with envelope

Plastic chain conveyors are ideal in situations where you’re conveying relatively lightweight loads in relatively tight spaces and need a conveyor that can be plugged into machinery, sorters or other conveyors. What are some of the situations and applications where plastic chain can be specified?

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Vertical Pallet Movement Options

September 15, 2020

pallet choices for vertical movement
In modern warehouses and manufacturing facilities, the vertical cube should be fully exploited, meaning that you should use overhead air space in your storage and processing operations because it’s less expensive and more efficient. Before you expand or relocate, it’s always better to use that space. You’ve already paid for it and the environmental costs of using it.

Using that space comes with some limitations. One is that you’ll need to transport pallets up to mezzanines or other machinery. While that’s more difficult than moving cartons or other lighter loads, there are ways. Let’s examine some of those options.

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What Is The Cisco-Eagle Difference?

September 10, 2020


You have plenty of options when searching for an organization to help you build, expand or enhance your facility. These options all have roughly the same products and services. Often, you can buy the same exact equipment and brands from a number of sources. When that’s the case, why would you choose Cisco-Eagle over the alternatives?

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Cisco-Eagle Names James Murphy Vice-President of Sales

September 9, 2020

James Murphy, Cisco-Eagle Vice President

Effective September 1, 2020 Cisco-Eagle has named James Murphy Vice-President of Sales according to company president Darein Gandall.

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Cisco-Eagle is 100% Employee-Owned

September 1, 2020

Cisco-Eagle Employee-Owner Stock guesses

Since 2000, Cisco-Eagle has been 70% owned by our employees. That all changed on August 27, 2020, when our ESOP Committee announced at our annual stock price reveal meeting that the company has become 100% employee-owned.

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