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How to Choose the Right Pallet Drop Gate

August 26, 2021

mezzanine gates to stop pallet dropping

Pallet drop safety gates help ensure that employees and material will be protected from falls and injuries while materials are loaded and unloaded from mezzanines and other elevated platforms.

There are a wide variety of pallet drop gates in the market; however, many of the devices are better suited for specific applications and environments. It’s not always easy to pick the right design, so Aaron Conway of Mezzanine Safet-Gates has answered a few questions about the process for us.

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Conveyor Transfer Options & Applications

August 17, 2021

chain transfer on a conveyor system

When you need to transfer loads 90 degrees to conveyor lines, machinery or workstations, you have options—both standard and custom. Which transfer works best for your product, application and environment?

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Prevent Defense – Pallet Rack Protection Options from All Angles

August 10, 2021

pallet rack guard

Traffic coming and going within your facility’s pallet rack storage areas is a daily occurrence (or at least it better be!) and the higher the traffic, the better off your operations are probably doing. With tight supply chains, inventory shortages, longer lead times and limited patience from customers, movement around your rack is a constant. You can’t afford an accident. With that constant activity comes the potential for rack and inventory damage from various angles and situations. With that in mind, what are some simple ways you can protect your pallet rack?

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The Process of Specifying Pallet Flow Rollers & Wheels

August 3, 2021

Various types of pallet flow rollers being compared for application and load suitability.

Above – left to right: reinforced resin wheels. split rollers, full-width rollers, steel skatewheels. Each roller type has advantages in terms of versatility and capacity, depending on your load and environment.

Pallet flow rack is one of the most space-efficient, first-in, first-out high-density pallet storage and picking systems available. Because the first pallet stored in a flow lane is always the first pallet picked at the front, you constantly rotate inventory. It’s a simple concept but the execution can be complex based on the load size, weight and other characteristics. One of the most important decisions is the type and style of roller needed.

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