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March Roundup: Manufacturing Employment Survey

March 28, 2023

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Welcome to our March 2023 roundup of news from the warehousing, manufacturing, material handling and logistics world. Employment trends, certifications and technology are the focus this month.

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Shoptalk: EDC Pick Module Expansion

March 14, 2023

In our latest Shoptalk installment, employee-owner Amanda of our Systems Integration Group discusses how EDC upgraded and expanded its pick module operations.

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Pallet Rack Safety: Policies and Practices

March 7, 2023

warehouse manager inspecting a pallet rack in a warehouse.

Operating a warehouse almost always means using pallet racks to take advantage of vertical space and organization of bulk storage. If they’re specified, installed and loaded correctly, racks are usually one of the most stable, effective and safest pieces of warehouse equipment. Because they carry heavy loads on vertical structures, racks should always be evaluated for safety and effectiveness. They’re stable, but that stability can be compromised by any number of factors.

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4-Tote Carriage Mini-Load for Small Product Storage & Retrieval

March 2, 2023

Ledger A3 mini-load AS/RS system in action at a fulfillment center

Our partners at Murata Machinery USA are introducing the company’s newest addition to its mini-load AS/RS line, the Ledger A3 AS/RS system. This four-tote carriage mini-load system for smaller, lighter goods is the first of its kind.

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