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Storage & Handling: How to Prevent Falling Items

August 17, 2015

falling items in a rack and shelving system

What goes up…

In warehousing and storage operations where inventory is stored high on racks, stacked on floors, slotted into on multi-level shelving, mezzanine deck-overs or on suspended/overhead conveyor as it moves, there is one constant: things will fall. They fall because they’re stacked wrong. They fall because an order picker or a forklift bumps them. Things fall due to seismic activity, machine stops, or silly mistakes. Sometimes it seems like they fall for no reason at all.

What can you do to “stop the drop”?

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Industrial Shelving: How To Prevent Collapses and Falling Products

August 4, 2015

Industrial Shelving in a Warehouse

It’s common to store large amounts of inventory on industrial shelving. The diversity of that inventory—bins full of parts, boxes of varying weights and other odd loads—can contribute to the dangers of falling product. Shelves are accessed frequently and by a variety of people, meaning that every time they are loaded, unloaded, picked or bumped, a spill could happen. A falling shelf load could cause worker injuries and of course ruin your inventory. What can you do about it?

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