Ideal Shield Literature

Protection products - bollards, bollard covers, clearance bars, dock door protection, and more

Ideal ShieldIdeal Shield manufactures bumper post sleeves and very strong, durable pipe-style guardrail. Its patented line of products saves time, money and maintenance by eliminating the need to paint. With hundreds of styles available in a variety of sizes and colors, Ideal Shield can meet the needs of any facility or operation.

Ideal Shield is the "The Bollard, "Handrail, and Guardrail Company".

Ideal Shield guard rails, hand railing: brochures, drawings, specs

icon Handrail Brochure Handrail-Brochure.pdf 1837 KB
icon Handrail Installation Instructions Handrail-Installation.pdf 1003 KB
icon Highway Guardrail Specs Hwy-Guardrail-Specs.pdf 864 KB
icon Pipe Guardrail Brochure Pipe-Rail-Brochure.pdf 274 KB
icon 2-Rail Pipe Guardrail Drawing Pipe-Rail-Drwg-Double.pdf 222 KB
icon 1-Rail Pipe Guardrail Drawing Pipe-Rail-Drwg-Single.pdf 152 KB
icon Pipe Guardrail Installation Pipe-Rail-Install.pdf 80 KB
icon Pipe Guardrail Installation Pipe-Rail-Installation.pdf 999 KB
icon Pipe Rail Specifications Pipe-Rail-Specs.docx 18 KB

Ideal Shield bollard cover sleeves

icon Bollard Cover Brochure Bollard-Cover-Brochures.pdf 835 KB
icon Size Guide Bollard-Cover-Sizes.pdf 299 KB
icon Bollard Cover Flyer Bollard-Cover-flyer.pdf 628 KB
icon Standard Color Chart Standard-Colors.pdf 138 KB

Ideal Shield protective dock door "goalpost" documents

icon Goalpost Guard Flyer GoalPost-Flyer.pdf 3027 KB
icon Goalpost Install Instructions GoalPost-Install.pdf 195 KB
icon CAD Drawing Goalpost-Drawing.pdf 166 KB

Ideal Shield parking & warehouse clearance bars

icon Clearance Bar Brochure Clearance-Bar-Brochure.pdf 1508 KB
icon Drawing Clearance-Bar-Drawing-2.pdf 59 KB
icon Mounting System Drawing Clearance-Bar-Drawing.pdf 139 KB
icon Apparatus Drawing Without Dimensions Clearance-Apparatus-Drawing.pdf 146 KB