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Shoptalk: ZoneSafe Proximity Warning System

January 29, 2019

zonesafe demo

In this installment of Cisco-Eagle’s video series Shoptalk, Susan shows you how our Zonesafe Proximity Warning System works to detect pedestrians and warn forklift drivers when they are nearby, out of sight or in danger of collisions.

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Safety When Installing A Foundationless Jib Crane

January 17, 2019

jib crane

You want to move heavy loads safely and effectively while also keeping your solution economical and efficient. Consider the Jib Crane, and effective tool in your warehouse arsenal that will hold its own and can interface with a wide variety of workstations and functions.

Foundationless Jib cranes offer versatility and economic savings, as they are bolted directly to an existing concrete floor and don’t require a concrete foundation. Using the existing floor means that you don’t need to install a costly special foundation, plus you can install and use the system sooner because you don’t need to wait for concrete to cure. Existing floor use also makes sense for smaller capacity and shorter span jib cranes. With that said, there are multiple concrete considerations before you install a foundationless jib crane. The key, is your installation.

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Order Fulfillment is the First Line of a Great Customer Experience

January 15, 2019

order fulfillment operation using a hand scanner

Your most important customer satisfaction function is probably your warehouse and order fulfillment operations. Order fulfillment impacts the things customers care about most:

  • Did I get the right product?
  • Did I get it on time?
  • Did I get the right quantity?
  • Was my shipment damaged?

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Innovative Ways to Secure Your Facility with Wire Partitions

January 10, 2019

pallet rack security cage
The typical application for a warehouse wire security cage is on the floor, in the plant, to create a secure storage room or tool crib. This usually means something with one to four sides, depending on the surrounding areas, a gate (or more than one), a ceiling, windows, or other additions. What are some ways you can create security beyond the simple cage?

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How to Store and Handle Long, Heavy Loads: Tube, Pipe and Bar Stock

January 8, 2019

heavy tube storage area

Pallet storage is easy, or at least easier than dealing with pipes and tubing

The idea behind pallets was to unitize and standardize the storage of standard blocks in racks designed to store those units. Standard units like pallets are easier store and handle. With pallets, you make sure your rack and forklifts can handle the pallet size and weight, and essentially you have a relatively dense, easily-accessed storage scheme. It’s more complicated for long, heavy loads like tube, bar stock and pipes. Let’s break down your options.

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