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The “A” Word: How to Talk About Automation with Your Team

January 28, 2021

warehouse worker wearing a headset scanning a box

Maybe you’ve reached a point in your business where automation seems inevitable. You have to scale up to keep up, and you need new technology. We advise companies on this transition, and it can start with smaller changes than you might think. But if you haven’t broken the seal yet, you might be wondering: how do I discuss this with my employees?

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Download Our Forklift Accessories Guide

January 26, 2021

forklift in warehouse

The right accessories make your forklifts safer, more efficient and more productive. Because forklifts are a staple of most every warehouse, finding ways to make them more versatile and safer will always pay off. We believe that every forklift and warehouse can work better, and have released this new forklift accessories guide that shares some of our experience on the subject.

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Pallet Racks, Sprinkler Systems and Warehouse Fire Precautions

January 19, 2021

Pallet rack system

All warehouses have fire risks, ranging in severity. Facilities flammable loads like paper, aerosols, liquors or fiber are at higher risk than others, but any load on wood or plastic pallets can catch fire.  For instance, manufacturing facilities with airborne debris are at more risk than those storing ceramics or steel components. While storage racks are not among leading causes of warehouse fires, (or even a cause, except for their loads) they can play an important part in reducing spread and damage.

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Shoptalk: Pallet Rack Enclosures

January 14, 2021

shoptalk on rack enclosures with Tina

In this installment of Cisco-Eagle’s Shoptalk series, Tina, Sales Support for our Oklahoma City office, discusses how to keep high-value materials secure with rack enclosures.

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Spot The Mark – Why Floor Marking Is Essential

January 7, 2021

warehouse floor tape

As we navigate this new age of Covid-19 and the distancing associated with it on all fronts of our lives, keeping areas within your facility safe and spaced becomes not only a priority now, but leads to further efficiency for operations in the future. Operations that utilize efficient means for creating visual clues within their warehouse showcase a more productive work environment that also keeps employees and equipment free from potential hazards.

One method to aid in this endeavor is floor marking. By marking areas in your facility, you highlight risks, outline areas for equipment and people, direct traffic and showcase safety considerations. In short, just by adding some color to your floor, you make your entire facility easier to navigate.

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Warehouse Bins & Containers Specification

January 5, 2021

Hanging warehouse bins on a rail system with small parts and labels.

Most warehouses use bins, cartons or containers as bulk product shipments are broken into “eaches” or smaller quantities for putaway, storage and eventual picking. This is also largely true of assembly and manufacturing lines where components are transported between workstations and work is progressively done. While they don’t exactly break the bank given their costs, specifying the wrong container can result in a less efficient, less ergonomic operation.

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