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Dukes of Hazardous

February 26, 2019

safe warehouse workers

For all the work that goes into preventing them, the majority of warehouses share many of the same safety hazards.

Due to the way warehouses handle items and process shipments, many of their workers are subject to similar risks for injury and product damage. While this can seem like an unending cycle of danger, there’s plenty of ways to mitigate these more prominent ones and keep everyone and everything in your warehouse safe from harm.

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The Impact Of Industrial Robots On Your Workforce

February 14, 2019

robot fulfillment

A research paper was released last month by two Harvard labor economists highlighted one of the coming decade’s most interesting talking points: the automated labor of the future. We are no strangers to the unique opportunities that adding robots can provide. What this paper sought to do was estimate the current effect of the introduction of robots on wages and employment, while also focus on the future they pose in industrial and manufacturing economies.

With this kind of research being conducted (with many more studies to be revealed for sure) and a spotlight put on the future robotic workforce, many with facilities that could use their services would be wise to discover how they can benefit. But what, exactly, should you be looking for?

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Video: How to Specify Cantilever Rack

February 12, 2019

In this Shoptalk video, we go into detail on rack specification and the various factors you will need to understand before installing a rack system. This video goes into detail on arm capacity, load sagging prevention and much more.

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Conveyor Merges and Sortation: Low Volume Alternatives

February 5, 2019

Right angle pusher for a conveyor line

Sorting, pushing and diverting products as they are transported on a conveyor system is one of the best ways to reduce costs, improve fill rates, eliminate errors and increase throughput — and there are multiple ways to go about it. Some systems are downright plodding–pushing only a few loads per minute–while others are dizzyingly fast, pushing out hundreds of diverts per minute. This post will profile some of the lower to medium speed options at your disposal.

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