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Storage Wars: Buying Pallet Rack In The Age Of Tariffs

September 26, 2019

Pallet Rack

The only constant is change in today’s global economy. Many companies and operations are waiting with bated breath to see which way the prevailing tariff winds will blow. Warehouses are especially on edge about all of this, considering how international supply chains and manufacturing has become. One area of concern coming up is that of pallet racks. In the past, a facility could take the chance on a lower-cost imported with the understanding that although the quality isn’t the same, costs may be lower. Now, with tariffs looming, what should you look for in thinking of replacing foreign rack?

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HVLS Fans, Air Flow and High-Bay Warehouse Racks

September 17, 2019

direct drive fans mounted in a pallet rack aisle

HVLS fans are an ideal way to make warehouses and other industrial facilities more comfortable and reduce the cost of air conditioning, but they usually can’t be installed above pallet racks, which dominate the floor spaces of most warehouses.

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Navigating Your Way to Warehouse Savings

September 10, 2019


Today’s warehouse managers are fighting growing inventory levels, dealing with increased SKUS, and managing higher frequency of tiny orders. Dealing with this daily grind many often have no time to find or fix operational issues. If your company is not fortunate enough to have a team of industrial engineers, you could be missing many opportunities.

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How to Increase Conveyor Longevity

September 3, 2019

Conveyor system in an assembly application
Conveyors–as we’ve discussed–have two major costs:

  1. The cost of conveyor hardware, which should include installation.
  2. The cost of operations, which should include maintenance, repair and energy consumption.

When you invest in capital equipment, you should be as focused on operational costs as purchase price. Part of that is extending the life of your conveyor system. How can you make sure you get the most out of your conveyors?

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