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Insights: The State of Warehouse Productivity

March 28, 2024

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Because labor has the lion’s share of costs in most warehouses and manufacturing facilities, productivity is always about the labor. Below we dive into a report below on the state of warehousing productivity and the ways you can analyze and improve it. Because we’re seeing worker shortages in the sector across the board, finding ways to help integrate younger workers into your operation is critical – also covered here.

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Warehouse Automation: The Cost of Doing Nothing

January 18, 2024

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People who operate industrial facilities have a difficult task. While the world changes around them, they’re dealing with a static operation that can be difficult to change or revitalize. Sunk costs, funding and organizational inertia can paralyze you at the worst moments. But the reality is that from our supply chains to labor to our customer demand profile, things are always in flux.

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In Tight Labor Markets, How Can Warehouses Thrive?

August 12, 2016

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Distribution is growing — booming, some would say — particularly in larger markets. This tend is being driven by many factors, including a sustained economic recovery and low unemployment rates. Also, e-commerce powers like Amazon are in the midst of one-day or same-day delivery guarantees that require larger, more capable distribution networks that can serve major markets faster and usually within close proximity. These factors help to create stress on labor shortages in these cities, as newer distribution facilities open and existing ones expand. Add to that, the ongoing woes with skilled labor and a generally aging labor force.

How can you cope with a tight labor market?

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Smart Labor Management Helps Cut Warehouse Costs

May 22, 2011

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It’s important to control costs in your operation. What are some warehousing cost-cutting methods you can employ that don’t require extensive investment or re-tooling? Most of the costs of warehousing operations fall into the following categories:

  • People
  • Real Estate, Utilities & other Fixed Costs
  • Inventory
  • Technology

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A Quick Guide to Reducing Warehouse Costs

September 29, 2010

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Over at the Operations & Fulfillment site, Curt Barry has written a brief, informative piece on reducing warehouse costs. In particular during a difficult economic climate, cost reduction is at the top of mind for distribution operations.

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