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June 25, 2020

industrial shelving

The right shelving gives you safe, stable, flexible storage for a broad variety of loads. To help you specify your next shelving project, we’ve published a new guide to industrial shelving, packed with information and tips to help you design an economical, space-efficient warehouse shelving system.

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Workstation Ergonomics: Eliminating Extreme Movements

June 18, 2020

An illustration of ergonomic reach zone areas on a work surface
With the massive worker compensation costs related to musculoskeletal disorders, finding ways to reduce the risks is imperative. In May, we discussed the impact of work positioning. This time, the focus on the effects of extreme movements and how to counteract the risks.

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Employee Ownership and Productivity

June 16, 2020

A rooftop crossover

It’s common sense: if you deal with a business owner, you get better service

People with a stake tend to be more proactive than people who just work at a company. And while there are plenty of dedicated, service-oriented employees at companies that aren’t employee-owned, owners are more productive according to academic studies.

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Shoptalk: Flexible Facility Guarding

June 11, 2020

flexible guard rail

In this installment of Cisco-Eagle’s Shoptalk series, Steve, who works in our web sales & service group, demonstrates how flexible warehouse guarding products offer an efficient way to protect workers, machinery and products from forklift impacts. Their unique flexibility lets then flex from forklift impacts without permanent damage to the rail, whatever it’s defending and the forklifts themselves.

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How to Position Crossovers on Rooftops

June 9, 2020

A rooftop crossover
A few years ago, I looked out a Chicago hotel room window at the sub-roof of a skyscraper hotel. A long run of pipes and air ducts cut the roof in half, so that anyone who needed to work on it would have to walk a long way around or climb over. Since there were obvious points of maintenance and other equipment on both sides of the obstructions, I’m guessing that maintenance workers were doing exactly that. They needed a crossover, and a roof top isn’t the easiest place to install one, particularly post-construction.

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