Lista Catalogs, Specs

Brochures, flyers, and assembly instructions

Lista LogoLista manufactures a wide variety of metal products, from extremely flexible modular drawer workbenches, technical workstations to modular drawer cabinets (including mobile drawer cabinets), to complete storage wall systems.

Lista is the world leader in the manufacture of modular drawer storage systems. The company is ISO 9001 certified. Many custom products and other high duty, organized workspace solutions are available through Lista.

Lista Catalog Sections

icon Modular Drawer Accessories Drawer-Accessories.pdf 296 KB
icon Intro to Lista Storage Systems Lista-Introduction.pdf 182 KB
icon Modular Cabinet Pedestals Modular-Cabinet-Pedestals.pdf 310 KB
icon Modular Cabinets Catalog Modular-Cabinets.pdf 2300 KB
icon Storage Walls Catalog Storage-Walls.pdf 618 KB
icon Tooling Storage Systems Catalog Tooling-Storage.pdf 555 KB
icon Workbenches: Adjustable Type Catalog Workbenches-Adjustable-Align.pdf 254 KB
icon Workbenches: Components Catalog Workbenches-Components.pdf 370 KB
icon Workbenches: Industrial Type Catalog Workbenches-Industrial.pdf 375 KB
icon Workbenches: Introduction Catalog Workbenches-Introduction.pdf 128 KB
icon Workbenches: Style 8000 Catalog Workbenches-Lista8000.pdf 519 KB
icon Workbenches: Nexus Type Catalog Workbenches-Nexus.pdf 631 KB
icon Workbenches: Technical/Electronic Catalog Workbenches-Technical-Electronic.pdf 282 KB
icon Unique Modular Storage Products Catalog Workspace-Unique-Products.pdf 561 KB

Lista Flyers, Product Sheets

icon Combination Cabinets Brochure Cabinets-Combo.pdf 159 KB
icon Custom Cabinet Ordering Cabinets-Custom-Ordering.pdf 456 KB
icon Garage Modular Cabinets Cabinets-Garage.pdf 202 KB
icon Keypad Entry Cabinets Cabinets-Keypad-Brochure.pdf 85 KB
icon Lista Catalog en Espanol Catalog-Espanol.pdf 1264 KB
icon Lista Catalog - French Catalog-French.pdf 1173 KB
icon Foam Drawer Liners Drawers-Foam-Liner-Flyer.pdf 89 KB
icon Lista Standard Colors Lista-Color-Guide.pdf 39 KB
icon Lista Warranty Lista-Warranty.pdf 21 KB
icon Keypad Locking Systems Locks-Keypad-Flyer.pdf 57 KB
icon MRO Workspace Solutions MRO-Workspace_Sol.pdf 386 KB
icon Aviation/Aerospace Workspace Solutions Solutions-Aviation-Aerospace.pdf 247 KB
icon Educational Workspace Solutions Solutions-Educational-Lab.pdf 470 KB
icon Electronics Industry Workspace Solutions Solutions-Electronics.pdf 362 KB
icon Hospital & Medical Workspace Solutions Solutions-Hospital-Medical.pdf 359 KB
icon Laboratory & Testing Workspace Solutions Solutions-Laboratory.pdf 232 KB
icon Lean Mfg. Workspace Solutions Solutions-Lean-Workstations.pdf 84 KB
icon Manufacturing Workspace Solutions Solutions-Manufacturing.pdf 465 KB
icon Military/Deployment Workspace Solutions Solutions-Mobility-Deployment.pdf 173 KB
icon Racing/Automotive Workspace Solutions Solutions-Racing.pdf 261 KB
icon Retail/Auto Dealer Workspace Solutions Solutions-Retail-Automotive.pdf 930 KB
icon Storage Wall Systems Brochure Storage-Wall-Brochure.pdf 238 KB
icon Storage Wall Roller Shelves Brochure Storage-Wall-Roller-Shelf.pdf 96 KB
icon Lean Manufacturing White Paper WhitePaper-Lean-Manufacturing.pdf 74 KB
icon MRO Storage White Paper WhitePaper-MRO.pdf 122 KB
icon White Paper: Workbenches WhitePaper-Workbench.pdf 90 KB
icon SMT Workstations White Paper WhitePaper-WorkstationsSMT.pdf 75 KB
icon Workbenches: Airlink 7000 Brochure Workbenches-Arlink-7000-Brochure.pdf 525 KB
icon Workbenches Arlink 8000 brochure Workbenches-Arlink-Brochure.pdf 3452 KB

Lista Assembly Instructions, Operations Maintenance Guides

icon Cabinets: Folding Shelf Installation Cabinets-FoldShelf-Assembly.PDF 566 KB
icon Cabinets: Loading a Mobile Unit Cabinets-Mobile-Loading.pdf 20 KB
icon Cabinets: Modular Cabinet Installation Cabinets-Modular-Install.pdf 995 KB
icon Cabinets: Overhead Installation Cabinets-Overhead-Install.pdf 289 KB
icon Drawers: Foam Liner Application Drawer-Foam-Liner-Use.pdf 795 KB
icon Drawers: Rollout Tray Assembly Drawers-Rollout-Tray-Assembly.pdf 163 KB
icon Drawers: Shelf Converter Drawers-Shelf-Converter-Install.pdf 711 KB
icon Locks: Core Lock Installation Locks-Interchangable-Core-Lock.pdf 63 KB
icon Locks: Keypad Installation Locks-Keypad-Instructions.pdf 50 KB
icon Locks: Replacing Cylinder Locks Locks-ReplaceCylinder.pdf 150 KB
icon Storage Wall Install: Intro Storage_Wall-Install-Intro.pdf 462 KB
icon Storage Wall: Breach Panel Install Storage-Wall-BroachPanel-Assembly.pdf 2187 KB
icon Storage Wall Installation, Ch. 1 Storage-Wall-Install-1.pdf 405 KB
icon Storage Wall, Ch.2 - Door Install Storage-Wall-Install-2-Doors.PDF 659 KB
icon Storage Wall, Ch. 4, Roller Shelf Install Storage-Wall-Install-4-RollerShelves.pdf 314 KB
icon Storage Wall Ch. 3, Ladder Install Storage-Wall-Install3-Ladder.PDF 425 KB
icon Workbench Assembly: Arlink 8000 Workbench-Arlink_8000-Assembly.pdf 688 KB
icon Workbench Assembly: Arlink 7000 Workbench-Arlink7000-Assembly.pdf 329 KB
icon Workbenches: Base Assembly Workbench-Bases.pdf 401 KB
icon Workbenches: ESD Top Operations Workbench-ESD-Top-Use.PDF 649 KB
icon Workbench Assembly: Flexworks Ch. 1 Workbench-Flex-Accessory1.pdf 302 KB
icon Workbench Assembly: Flexworks Ch. 2 Workbench-Flex-Accessory2.pdf 878 KB
icon Workbench Assembly: Flexworks Floorstands Workbench-Flex-Floorstand.PDF 112 KB
icon Workbench Assembly: Flexworks Swing Arm Workbench-Flexworks-SwingArm-Install.pdf 1099 KB
icon Workbench Assembly: Handcrank Alignment Workbench-HandCrank-Align.pdf 187 KB
icon Workbench Assembly: Hanging Cabinet Workbench-HangingCabinet.pdf 91 KB
icon Workbench Service: Height Right Workbench-Height-Right-Service.pdf 413 KB
icon Workbench: Height Right Operation Workbench-HeightRight-Operation.pdf 144 KB
icon Workbench Assembly: Technical Workbench-Install.pdf 601 KB
icon Workbench Assembly: Rear Mount VSI-8 Workbench-Rear-VSI-8-Assembly.pdf 33 KB
icon Workbench Assembly: Side Leg Alignment Workbench-align_slide_leg.pdf 142 KB

Lista Case Studies

Real world applications in a number of industries.

icon AEPetsche.pdf 82 KB
icon Aesys.pdf 49 KB
icon Amgen.pdf 48 KB
icon BMW_Store.pdf 66 KB
icon Brylane.pdf 55 KB
icon C&D_Aerospace.pdf 60 KB
icon Calpine_Morgan.pdf 52 KB
icon Cerritos_Buick.pdf 46 KB
icon Cirtronics.pdf 80 KB
icon Continental_Acura.pdf 78 KB
icon Corp._Jet_Supply.pdf 80 KB
icon DEI.pdf 58 KB
icon Daytona_Harley.pdf 79 KB
icon Downtown_LA_Audi.pdf 58 KB
icon EPA.pdf 49 KB
icon General_Hydrogen.pdf 73 KB
icon Genesee_Road_Comm.pdf 66 KB
icon Hackensack_Hosp.pdf 48 KB
icon Jensen_Aviation.pdf 56 KB
icon Johnson_Controls.pdf 56 KB
icon Kimbell_Walker.pdf 49 KB
icon Landmark-Aviation.pdf 83 KB
icon Mem_Sloan_Kettering.pdf 86 KB
icon Mohegan_Sun.pdf 84 KB
icon Nellis_AFB.pdf 51 KB
icon Panoz.pdf 53 KB
icon Paradigm_Genetics.pdf 54 KB
icon Rusty_Wallace_Inc.pdf 49 KB
icon Rydell-GM.pdf 67 KB
icon Siemens.pdf 60 KB
icon Texas_Childrens_Hosp.pdf 51 KB
icon Tiffany.pdf 52 KB
icon Tinker_AFB.pdf 50 KB
icon Titan.pdf 57 KB
icon Toyota_Racing_Devel.pdf 73 KB
icon Vancouver_Gen_Hosp.pdf 74 KB
icon Western_Carolina_U.pdf 47 KB
icon Woodmen_Nissan.pdf 75 KB